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Arickaree School District R-2


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Section E: Support Services

EBAB - Hazardous Material

EBBA - Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission

EBBA-R Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission

EBBB - Accident Reports

EBC - Emergency Plans

EBCA - Disaster Plans

EBCB - Fire Drills

EBCD - Emergency Closings

EBCE School Closing and Cancellations

EC - Buildings and Grounds Management

EC-2 - District Housing

ECA ECAB - Security Access to Buildings

ECAB - Vandalism

ECB - Building and Ground Maintenance

EDC - Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials

EEA - Student Transportation

EEAB - Bus Scheduling and Routing

EEAC - Bus Safety Program

EEACA - Bus Driver Examination and Training

EEACA-R - Bus Driver Job Description

EEACB - School Bus Maintenance

EEACC - Student Conduct on School Buses

EEAD - Special Use of School Buses

EEAEA - Bus Driver Requirements/Training and Responsibilities

EEAEAA - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers

EEAEF - Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

EEAEG - Use of Wireles Communication Devices by School Transportation Vehicle Operators

EEAFB - Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups

EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEBA - School Transportation Vehicles

EEBB - Use of Private Vehicles on School Buses

EF (Updated 9/9/2019) School Nutrition Program

EFB-EF - Food Service Management

EFA - Food Purchasing

EFB - Free and Reduced Price Food Services

EFE-1 School Meal Payments

EFE-2 Civil Rights Complaint Procedure for School Nutrition Program

EFFA - Nutritious Food Choices

EF-R - Food Service Management

EGAD - Copyright Compliance

EGAEA - Electronic Communication

EGAEA-R - Public Electronic Mail Records

EI - Insurance Program and Risk Management

EIB - Liability Insurance